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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • Surgical Treatment

“Thanks to Dr. Taunt I'll be able to have fun with the grandkids again next summer! Great results! I was up and around in no time! And thanks to P.A. Kevin, and the entire staff too!”


  • Hip Replacement

“Thank you Dr. Mesko. I had no idea how much flexability I had lost, nor how much pain I had been in, until you replaced my hip. Even at 66 I can expect to ride my horse for another 10 years!”


  • Knee Replacement

“Words can't express all my gratitude and admiration for your skills and knowledge as an Orthopedic Surgeon. I know there are so many patients that feel the same way. All of us benefit big time from your skills and professionalism.

For many years I was suffering from my left knee to the point that lately I was almost disabled from that leg. On April-7-2011 I had my total knee replacement performed by you, what a blessing, right away after I recovered from the anesthesia no more pain on that knee, zero pain!

The following day I was able to move my knee and was doing so well that the same day, one after the surgery, I was discharged from the hospital to go home.

The following week after the surgery I started attending physiotherapy at Sparrow and the Physiotherapists there were amazed by the mobility that I already had in my new knee.

In less than three weeks after the surgery I was able to walk a little bit without even the cane and my brand new zero miles knee feels strong and safe.

All the time when people that I know ask me, who is your Doctor and I tell them "Dr Mesko"! Most people tell me the same: I have heard that this Doctor has extraordinary surgical results for his patients. This time I have witnessed this first hand with my own case.

Dr. Mesko on behalf of myself and my loved ones thanks a lot for the improvement you bring to the quality of my life with this surgery.

Many thanks too to all the personnel in your office at the professional building, all of them are very nice and helpful all the time.

I am forever very grateful.”

M.Z. - Age 54

  • Knee Replacement

“Thank you Dr. Taunt and your exceptional team! I was 54 years old and very apprehensive about having a total knee replacement. Chronic knee pain had eroded the very active lifestyle that I once enjoyed. Yesterday,I walked downtown pain free. If I had it to do all over again? I'd do it sooner. Would I choose Dr. Taunt again? Absolutely!”


  • Partial Knee Replacement

“Please let Dr. Taunt know that I was able to use an elliptical today one week after partial knee replacement surgery. Please tell him I said thanks for doing such a fantastic job on my knee.”

H.W. - Age 63

  • Hip Replacement

“Three months ago the simplest acts - walking, putting on my shoes, getting into a car - was difficult, sometimes agonizing. Arthritis had destroyed the cartilage in both hips to the point that pain medication no longer controlled my symptoms. Since then Dr. Jason Cochran has replaced both hips with two separate surgeries five weeks apart. I am happy to report that I'm recuperating rapidly and can already walk and drive pain free. It's like I've gotten my life back.

Dr. Cochran was professional and supportive. He took the time to explain my options and answered all my questions as well as those of my husband both before and after the surgeries. It is hard for someone without a medical background to judge the skill of one's surgeon. So I was impressed when my physical therapist told me that all of his clients who've had joints replaced by the surgeons at the Michigan Orthopedics Center do well. I feel lucky to be one of those patients.

My only regret is that I didn't have this surgery a year ago. ”

J.O. - Age 64

  • Hip Surgery

“Dr. Mesko, Thanks again for fixing my hips so I can horseback ride again with no pain!”


  • Knee Replacement

“I saw Dr. Taunt, after my previous surgeon referred me to him for corrective surgery. Dr. Taunt did a great job, my knee is so very much better.

He had to replace the knee prosthesis that had been used in my knee with a different one. What a wonderful great difference.

That was back a few years ago and now my husband is hoping for the same kind of good help with both of his knees this year of 2012.

The office help was courteous and the wait to see the doctor was always a short wait.

Thank you to everyone.”

Linda - Age 62

  • Surgical Treatment

“Dr. Mesko, Thank you for the gift of mobility. I can dance again!”

J.G. - Age 65

  • Knee Replacement

“Dr. Taunt thanks to you I just returned from a fabulous cruise down the Rhine and a week in Switzerland climbing stairs and mountain tops. My titanium knees work great and I love being a "bionic" woman.

Thanks a Million!!”


  • Hip Replacement

“I thank Dr. Taunt, Mr. Duffy, the great office group and the terrific team at Ingham Orthopedic Hospital for my new hips everyday. I am grateful for the mobility that I have now. Chronic pain, difficulty walking and working are resolved. It really was life changing: people tell me I look taller now because I stand up straight and my canes are packed away...thank you!”

Jessica - Age 30

  • Hip and Knee Replacement

“My name is Susan and I am not the patient. I am the mother of Jessica, patient of Dr. Taunt. I want to tell you her story...But it's not a story, it's real. In fact, sometimes, I have to pinch myself to believe what has happened with her lately.

Jessica was 4 1/2 years old when she was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Ann Arbor Doctors told my husband, Mark and I, Jessica was the 2nd. worse case in the world. They gave up on her when her hips and knees became affected and told us she would be in a motorized wheel chair the rest her life.

Most of her life, up to this point, she has walked with an extreme limp, one leg shorter than the other. She threw one leg out to the side as she walked. Her feet and knees were swollen and painful and her hips hurt as well. Her back was curved in and her chest out. You can imagine, just looking at her told you something was really wrong. I prayed for over 25 years, that God would change things. Enter Dr. Taunt. He first tackled her very degenerated knees. And as he tells it, "it was one glitch after an other". Then he replaced her right hip. Another remarkable feat considering the very bad deterioration she had (Dr. Mesko had replaced the other one about 10 years before).

Today, I can't keep my eyes off my daughter! Her legs are straight and equal length! She doesn't have a curve in her back and her chest is not projected out! I love to see her walk!!!! The swelling in her ankles and knees have gone down. We actually can see the knees and ankles! She walks normal. Thank you God for sending us Dr. Taunt.! He is an amazing surgeon and the very special person God used to work a miracle!!!!! If you need surgery for joint replacement, believe me, I would trust my life to Dr. Taunt and his medical team.”


  • Hip Replacement

“I had my surgery on 11/29/2010.

From the first moment I was referred to MOC and through the whole process and time at the hospital Dr Mesko and staff were the very best you could hope for.

I have had my new hip for 19 months and not any problems or that nagging pain that I had put up with for years.

Thank you for giving me my pain free life back. I feel 20 years younger.”


  • Total Hip Replacement

“I am very happy with the outcome of my total hip replacement by Dr. Jason Cochran. I had the surgery on Feb 29,2012 and here is a picture of me finishing DALMAC six months later. It is a 5 day 330 mile bicycle trip from Lansing to Mackinaw bridge.

Thanks to Dr. Cochran for giving me back a pain free active life.”


  • Knee Replacement

“I believe that had it not been for Dr. Jason Cochran's skill & knowledge I would have lost my leg to infection. At age 65 and after 6 surgeries and two replacement knees (by a different Dr.) I still had pain and swelling in my right knee. Dr. Cochran took less than a minute to examine my ex-ray and told me I had infection in the bone below my knee. He recommended immediate removal to try to save my leg. Subsequent to doing that and after a closely monitored 8 week antibiotic program he successfully installed a third knee and today I'm walking because of him. THANK YOU!!!!”